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So what is this?

Obviously, this is a "Webcomic". A comic strip designed for and disseminated on the World Wide Web (Internet).

What's with all of the weird characters?

Fiction is a funny thing. This comic exists within an imaginary world. In that world we have created imaginary people. Because there is a very small amount of space in which to deliver a point, we incorporate the use of symbolic imagery and visual design to make our characters into representations of ideologies, philosophies, or worldviews. It's, like, story-telling, Man.

Why are the topics so controversial? You're offending people.

There should never be topics that are beyond reproach or dissemination. If a culture is not allowed to discuss unpopular or edgy things it will decay from within. Be it the case that someone is offended by this work, we are happy for it! The right to be offended is as fundamental a human right as anything. There are some places in the world where people are not allowed to express their offense about certain political or religious things without fearing physical reprisal. Consider yourself lucky to be offended.

I like/hate this. How can I help/hurt?

If you like Mr. PumpkinFace - Great! We are happy to have given you some sort of value. Consider sharing our work with your friends and family, or social media. If you'd like to help support our effort (which is the best way for us to know how much MORE effort we should put into this project), then consider checking out the support section below for ways that you can help us out. If you were offended - Great! I'm glad we could help evoke a natural human emotion. Don't try to hurt us...

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